The Yorkiepoo is a fairly new breed that is being developed. Although there is no set breed standard we hope to one day work with other selective Yorkiepoo breeders to develop one. Some things to consider when purchasing a puppy:

There has been some debate on Yorkiepoo coloring. Some web sites say that there are only a few colors of first generation yorkiepoos. This is simply NOT true. This may be what they have experienced but that does not make it a true statement. We have only bred first generation yorkiepoos thus far and our puppies have been black, black and tan, black, tan and white (tri-colored), black and white, red and white and apricot colored.

Please research a breeder carefully before selecting your new little Yorkiepoo friend. There are lots of folks out there who are not looking out for the best interests of their dogs. Ask questions...Ask to see the parents. Ask for a pedigree to prove that the parents are what the breeder says they are. If you can't see the parents in person ask for photos or an email video. Yorkiepoos are wonderful little companions. If you are thinking of getting one please be sure to get your new little bundle of joy from a reputable breeder for your sake and theirs.

Considering a New Yorkiepoo Friend?