Hi My children and I enjoyed viewing all the photos of the Yorkiepoos from around the world! We felt like our Max needed to be represented as well. He is a 10 month old Yorkiepoo who we all just adore. He has the best personality and really loves his family. He's a Christmaseve baby, so his first birthday is coming soon!

Hello Heather, Here is Miss Nahla. She is such a joy! I will send more. Nice to hear from you.


Nahla lives with her family in Wisconsin. She is 9 months old in these pictures. Nahla is an f1b yorkiepoo. This means that she is a first generation back-cross. Her Mom is a blonde yorkiepoo named Pheobe. You can click here to see Pheobe's page. Nahla's dad is a red and white toy parti poodle.

Hi! My name is Zoe. I am 1 years old. I live in Canada. I LOVE pizza. My family calls me the pizza monster. I can smell it from miles away. I always get some too!! I love to play catch with anything, toys, balls, and even socks( they are my favorite!!!! ) My family loves me very much and I love them to the sky!!!

Kara (thats my mom)

She's 8 month old Stella from Memphis, TN. She lives in a loving home with 3 other dogs and 3 cats.


Briggs (from Minnesota)
Hi my name is Tiki and I'm from Pa. I weigh 41/2 lbs and I love people. My mom always says that I'm spoiled but I see it as being very loved. My mom was a white poodle and my dad was a brown yorkie.

Introducing “Ruby”, female Yorkiepoo. She is 3 months old in ‘red’ photo and 6 months old in her life jacket – she loves the water!! Very intelligent, and prefers to play with someone rather then just be on her own. But when told, she can play nice on her own too. I like to see websites for Yorkiepoos, they are getting to be a very popular breed and when ever any ones see’s Ruby they want one!! She is now 9 months and 15lbs and perfect!! She loves our attention!! She likes to take a baths, fetch balls, and run! She is very smart and obedient, easy to train.

Thanks, Elizabeth & Rob Kitchener, ON Canada

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