Love the website, here are some pictures of my yorkiepoo Emmy, she is 7 months old and a spit fire.


Hello, my name is Kami and I live in Georgia I am a southern girl with a lot of charm and personality! I was born March 13,2008 my mommy purchased me the end of May in Orange Park Fl. when she saw me it was love at first sight. I am cute and cuddly and sometimes mischievous, I love to play with my toys. I would love to be on your Yorkiepoos around the globe page, alone with all the other beautiful yorkiepoos. My mommy Tomekia say that I am the best dog she ever had, I am a bit curious and hate to be left alone for long periods of time. I love other dogs and get alone well with children but sometimes small children don't get alone with me. Because I am so small they often think I am a toy and tend to play a little ruff. I only weighted 2pounds and 9 ounces at my last vet visit. That was about two months ago, I think I have put on a pound or two since. I have had all my vaccinations my mommy & big sister Kia take very good care of me. My daddy is in the Army and is away a lot, but spoils me rotten when ever he comes home. I love my new Family & they Love me.


This is my Yorkiepoo Luci, from Berkley Michigan. She is about 8 lbs and the sweetest little girl.....She loves to snuggle with her brothers...
My daughter got Dioji as a Christmas present from her grandparents last year. He has been quite a little handful and you would think that he was a German Shephard the way he presents himself. We think he has the "little man syndrome". Well, I guess that it is good that he can hold his own. Here are a few pics over the last 10 months. Of course, he is our baby and goes lot of places with us including the beach!!! He will be a year old at the end of October and weighs between 5 and 6lbs, soak n wet!!

Hi, My name is Monica and this is my Yorkie-poo, Cole. Cole will be 2yrs old on the 30th of Oct and is my little buddy. I got Cole on Christmas day of 06 and with him being all black, I tell everyone that I got coal in my stocking. Cole is a daredevil and does not like to be left behind. His Best friend is my parents shitzu, Mister. They spend their weekends in the country and will challenge the neighbors cows. (from the doorway of the house of course) He has also figured out how to roll down the window of the car and loves to argue with anyone. (he also needs to get the last word in) If I had known how much fun he would be and that he would not trigger my allergies he would not have been my first yorkie-poo.


This is my yorkie poo Sadie! We got her a August 28, 2008 and already IN LOVE with her! She is the cutest thing ever! She loves cuddling with you and taking long walks. She is the best puppy ever!!
This is Bella, A 5 month old yorkiepoo from Point Pleasant NJ.

Hello, we just bought a new addition to our family. Her name is CHIXIE and she is bundle of joy!!! I never owned a Yorkiepoo, but she surely made me fall in love with their personality.


Hi I'm Ella, this is pics of my dog MOOSE, he is almost 5 mos. My boyfriend got him for me about four months after my dog Harley who was a Schnauzer passed away right before mother's day. Harley was a wonderful dog he was 16 years old. I know he would of loved MOOSE, and I am thankful to my boyfriend for giving me such a sweet, precious puppy. I sent pics of him before but some for some reason I am not sure you recieved it. Anyhow I look at your site faithfully and am so happy there is a site for such little angels who are so full of love and energy. Thank you so much for having a beautiful website.

Sincerely, Ella

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