This is my yorkiepoo Romeo from Katy Tx, He is 7 mths old and is the sweetest thing ever. He loves playing with his buddy Ty, Or as Ty would say ,Giving him a hard time. Thanks for letting us share our pics with you.


Hey, here are some pics of CoCo!!! She is 12 weeks old and a burst of energy! She loves her toys and to chase our 2 year old son!!! She lives in Marietta Ga and is doing great with potty and crate training!!! We love her dearly and cannot wait until she grows and is fully vaccinated so we can take her along with us everywhere we go!!!

Thanks, Porcha

I was so happy to find your website dedicated to the sweetest dogs in the world! Here are a couple of pictures or our yorkiepoo "Lily".( it's hard to get a good picture of her since she's so dark) She is a 7,1/2 lb little girl. She is just over a year old, and has an amazing temperament. She's not yappy at all, she loves to cuddle and is very low maintenance. She has such personality. My teenage daughter says it's like she's human.Yorkiepoos are VERY smart but I don't find her stubborn like some Yorkie's can be. In my opinion you couldn't ask for a nicer breed. She's great with the kids and they ( and I ) spoil her like crazy. We love our yorkiepoo!!

-Angela in Peterborough, Ontario.

Hi from Florida! These are pictures of Jasmine, our Yorkie Poo. Jasmine was born in July 1999 and loves playing with Hector our chichuahua and Cassie our kittie. She also enjoys getting her manicures and pink nails and running around with the big dogs at the dog park. I would love it if you posted her pics on your website! Its great to see what all the other yorkiepoos look like!

Thank you! Shannon

My Tessie passed away on September 29, 2008. I thought you might enjoy her picture taken last year. We got her at the animal shelter in 1999 when she was 3-4 years old. She was a great dog. Always stayed in the yard and watched over our family. We will miss her greatly.


Hi- was wondeering if you would post these pictures of our new Yorkie Poo? This sweet little boy is Gizmo Suave'. We just got him last week he's not quite 6 months of age. He's all of 3 pounds and he thinks he can play with the "BIG BOYS". These pictures are taken after he had his first grooming. Isn't he ADORABLE? When I got him home he strutted around and pranced around like he was Ricco Suave' hence the name Gizmo Suave'!

Thanks Dana

This is 4 year old Bella. She was given to us when she was 8 months old. She's the best little dog anyone could ever ask for! Hopefully you can use this picture on your website!


Hello, Attached is a picture of my yorkie pooh, Sugar at 3 mos. with the neighbors boxer.

Thank you, Janice

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