Colby blonde cream yorkiepoo
We welcomed Holly into our family Nov 24, 2008. She is very sweet and playful with our children and our 12 year old Bichon. She got her first hair cut yesterday Dec 10th 2008. Too cute! We are happy that we can see her pretty eyes. We are having a ball with her and she is doing awesome with house training and she is even learning to sit for treats.
Holly Yorkiepoo Puppy
Hello! My name is Colby. I am from Pennsylvania. My birthday is July 13, 2007 and I am 1 years old. My dad was a mini poodle and my Mom was a designer Yorkshire terrier. I love to play outside with my best friend who is a Shelty! Inside I love learning new tricks. I can do many tricks from rollover to jumping through a hoolahoop. At night I love to lay down and relax with my owners.
Bella Yorkiepoo
I'm Holly. I am a 10 month old, 6 pound Yorkiepoo. My family which includes 2 little girls and a 12 year old Bichon Frise all love me like crazy. I am there little stress-buster. I am always there to offer a kiss and a snuggle, and I love to play as long as my family is willing. I make my family and friends laugh all of the time. My family says that I am small -but- extremely sturdy and they can't imagine life without me. Everyone that meets me always wants to take me home!
Bella is 4 months old and is such a little stinker!
Miss Molly black yorkiepoo Princess black yorkiepoo
Hello my name is Princess I am 17 weeks old and I love to play run, fetch, and play outside.
Hi, My name is Miss Molly and I am from Brandon, MS. I am almost 7 months old and weight in at 7.5 lbs. My mom feeds me well. I love baths, blow drying but don't much care for the brushing. My mom is a retired senior and I am fast becoming the love of her life. She can't walk with me much but she plays with me or sits and holds me all the time. I like to think that we keep each other happy and content. Hope you can post my pictures.
Lexi yorkiepoo puppy
Yorkiepoo puppy
This is Lexi from Houston at 4 months old...she's 2 now :)
Abby Gail black and tan yorkiepoo puppy
I have attached a couple of pics of the adorable little Stewie. The first pic is the day I picked him up and the last 2 are from 2 days ago. He was about 3.5lbs when I got him and right now he is about 4lbs and I am told that he shouldn't get bigger than 6lbs. I got him about a month ago and this little guy is such a joy and he's so smart. He learned to use his potty pads within the first week, he knows the sit command and right now we are working on the down command. I've had Stewie around my entire family, including a 2 year old, and he did not snap or growl at anybody. Also, he plays wonderfully with my 15lbs chi/terrier mix, as a matter of fact, Stewie has not yet met a dog or person that he does not like. Yorkiepoos are a wonderful mixed breed and I'm so happy I decided to invest in one.
Abby is a 2.5 lb, 16 weeks old female and she is a joy to have. We also have a male 2 year old papillon that she really likes to run after. We were visiting our daughter in Plano, Texas and found Abby at the local pet store. We fell IN LOVE right away!! Our home is in Turton, South Dakota so Abby is really enjoying the snow...not so much the cold, but she always finds the deepest snow to play in.
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