These pics are from some of our Yorkiepoo friends from around the globe! If you would like to submit your yorkiepoos pic please EMAIL US YOUR PIC. The pic must be owned by whomever is submitting it. If you would like to add a cute story or comment about your fur-baby when submitting your pic then please do!

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I live in Ontario Canada. My boyfriend and I finally decided to get a puppy and we were looking for something small since we live in an apartment. We were looking in the paper for months for a shih-tzu and couldn't find one. However there were yorkiepoo's in one week so we decided to go take a look. It couldn't hurt. The second the woman brought the puppys out I started to cry they were so cute, that was the first time I ever seen a yorkiepoo puppy before. we of course fell in love with our little guy at first sight. And we took him home that night. His name is Rolo and he is so full on energy and what a personality!!! he makes us smile every morning. He eats mostly soft foods but only if its heated first hes so spoiled! We all love Rolo.

Winston from Wisconsin

This is Winston from Pardeeville Wisconsin. He is 4 months old. He likes to play in his water dish but doesn't like taking a bath.

Hello: Here is a picture of my YorkiePoo named Coco. She is 8 years old and I adopted her from Save A Yorkie Rescue this past March. I love her so much. She is so good and lovable. I had never heard of the breed YorkiePoo before I found her, but now I know I will always have a YorkiePoo.

Hi This Is my yorkiepoo it's pretty weird he has super long legs!!!


Age: almost 5

Hi My Yorkiepoo's name is Jo-Jo we are from New Brunswick Canada he is 3 months old. the pictures on your website are very cute!
Scruffy is four now. We were given this little best.. dog we ever have had. He was not 2 and had belonged to three other families... I still don't know why he was moved so many times. He is smart and quick to learn, loves people ( too much sometimes), children also gets along with other dogs. Loves to visit with our daughters who each have dogs, one has a Great Dane and a Spaniel, one has a Maltese, she use to raise Boston Terriers...and also has just added a Terrier. One has a Yorkshire Terrier, smaller than Scruffy, Precious is also a hand-me-down, she is 4 very gentle and would be happy in a lap Scruffy loves to go to the groomer.. gets so excited.. when we are a block from the store..and he travels in the Motor Home with us where ever we go, sometimes sits on the dash. The Word Go is his favorite...
I'm sending you a a picture of Ellie for you to put on your Yorkiepoos around the globe page. I also attached one of my son giving her a kiss (and her kissing him back!) to show you...I just thought it was the most precious picture!
Hello...I have a four month old yorkiepoo female named Cleo from Bristol, Connecticut. I am attaching a picture of her if you'd like to use it. I'm attaching one of her when we got her and one of her the way she looks now. Thanks and great site!
Ellie - 11wks old from Knoxville, TN
This is a 7month old Yorkiepoo from Rockford, Illinois, His name is "Boss"
Mick is from Batavia, IL. In the first photo he is 12 weeks,in the second he is 1&1/2 years old.
My daughter wanted to have a picture of her new Yorkiepoo puppy posted. Jingles is 10 weeks old and was a Christmas present. Jingles mother is a Toy Poodle and father a Yorkshire Terrier. Thanks.
This is Lena 2 year old female( my baby).I've had her since she was 3 weeks old. Her mom couldn't feed her. So I had to give her the bottle for 3 months. If I didn`t get her they were going to put her to sleep...NO WAY I SAID. So I took her into my house and that is when I started a new life. I had a German shepherd b4 but when he died after 12 years I said never again ......pain was too strong. But when I saw lena...I said ...No way are they putting her to sleep. I live in Italy and thanks to the web I finally found some stuff on yorkiepoos. Most adorable dog I ever had. Hope u like pics.
Brady from Ottawa, Canada.
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