Hi, my name is Pheobe. My mom is a beautiful red and white parti poodle and my dad is a handsome blue and tan yorkshire terrier. That makes me an adorable Yorkie-Poo! I am 10 weeks old and full of spunk!


Pheobe the adorable Yorkiepoo!


My mom!


My dad!

I have a toy poodle playmate named Misti. She is a few weeks older than me but weighs less than I do. She only weighs about 1 lb. I also have a yorkshire terrier puppy friend named Sierra. She is the same age as Misti but she is a little bigger than both of us. I think she weighs a little over 2 lbs. They are my best friends and we love to play together!

Misti the toy poodle, Pheobe the yorkiepoo, and Sierra the yorkshire terrier.
One of our favorite games is tug of war. We will usually play it with just about any toy we can find. But our favorite is our rope bunny. It is a purple stuffed bunny rabbit that has rope chewy ears and a tail. We each get a piece of the rope and pull! It is so much fun! My human mom Heather thinks that we are the cutest little puppies ever! I think she is right. Of course I am biased. Whatever that means. I heard Momma Heather say that's what she was. So I must be biased too.
3 of my siblings have already gone to live with their new families, but my brother Otis still lives here with us. He is going to live in Canada and has to wait a few more weeks until he is ready for his new home. Otis is lots of fun to play with! We especially like to play peek-a-boo under our dog bed!
It's been several months since my last entry. Otis is living happily in his new home in Canada now. Misti, Sierra, and I are as curious and playful as ever! We have grown and gained some weight! Misti is a whopping 3 lbs. now! Sierra weighs 5 lbs. and I am at 4 lbs. I'm still right in the middle size wise. Below are pics of us after a play session. As you can see we are all pooped: )
There were 5 of us puppies in our litter. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. Here we are at just a few weeks old, fast asleep in our whelping box with our mom.
We love playtime!


I am kinda tired so I am going to go for now, but check back later as I will write again soon!

Hi again everybody! It has been a while since my last entry and it's now the Holiday Season! We have all been having lots of fun helping with all of the holiday decorating and cooking. Last night we decorated our Christmas tree. I really liked the red ribbon. Misti, Sierra, and I all ran around the room with the ribbon, chasing each other as we went with a long red ribbon following right along. After that we settled down in the kitchen on our doggie beds as Momma Heather made oatmeal cookies. We were all too happy to oblige in helping to clean the kitchen floor after the cookies had been made. It's getting colder outside so sometimes we have to wear our sweaters when we go out. Mine is purple with white snowflakes on it. Everybody says that I look awful cute in it. All I know is that it helps keep me warm. And I like that!

Happy New Year everybody! 2005

The new year is upon us and I have decided to take up ballet. I don't know how I will actually do with the spinning and jumping and dancing and such but I sure know that I absolutely love my new purple tutu!